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Relational Abuse
emotional, mental, physical

Many women may not recognize, or may find it too difficult, to acknowledge when they are in an abusive relationship. Too often there is a belief that if there is no major physical aggression then the unhealthy relationship does not qualify as abusive.

However, if a woman is made to feel devalued in any way, she is being abused.

Would you know what constitutes abuse? Do you have an understanding of what a "power and control" relationship looks like?

Relational abuse takes on many forms:

A common statement from women who have come out of an abusive relationship, or are presently in one is that they have "lost themselves". They often feel they do not know who they are anymore!

You do not need to walk the road to recovery from an abusive relationship alone. Consider Karis Counselling Services for support. It is a safe place to regain your self esteem .

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