“Can I really be free from this?” you might be asking.

I say, “Yes!”.

Yet, because I know counselling is not a “quick fix” (and believe me I know how sometimes we all wish we could have one, just to get out of the pain!), you must know that it really depends on how much work you put into bringing healing into your life.

Becoming free from the impact of your past begins with you understanding what you are going through, what your major struggles are, and what will help you be free.

Then it means you taking serious action on it. You see, time alone does not heal wounds.

It is time AND hard work.

But if you diligently apply and work through the biblical principles offered, you will find success in your journey towards healing.

Are you ready to change your life today?

Email us to discuss what option best fits you.

May God richly bless your decision to have the best life possible!

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Counselling Services with Karis Counselling

Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling has become a popular option for those needing to talk to a professional counsellor. It is considered to be as valuable as face-to-face counselling, and has a few added benefits.

Some benefits include:

- Saves you time on travel and travelling expenses.

- You can meet with your counsellor right in the comfort of your home or office.

- You may feel more comfortable talking by telephone, especially if the topic of discussion may seem embarrassing or shame-based to you.

- It provides flexibility regarding the time the counselling session can be offered. For example, later in the evening or early morning arrangements could be scheduled.

Individual counselling services are based on the Unhooked! The 7-Step Strategy to Achieve Freedom from the Pain of Past Experiences". You can learn about this program at About Karis page.


Counselling sessions can be held by using Skype. If you are not familiar with Skype, you can go to www.skype.com for further information. It is free to download. With Skype, we can also meet via webcam. That is a nice benefit if you would like to meet in a more personal way. Although we are not sitting in the same room together, we will be doing a face-to-face session.

Telephone Support Groups

Karis Counselling Services offers telephone coaching support groups for Childhood Sexual Abuse Support, After Abortion Distress Support, and Relational Abuse Support. Many women find they enjoy the camaraderie that can be gained in a group setting. Group support can also help confirm to women that they are not alone in their struggle.

Each group is limited to a number of six participants, in order to make the groups personable, and allow ample time for each member to fully participate. Each group consists of ten, sixty minute sessions. Two of these sessions are dedicated to a Question and Answer format, while the remaining sessions focus on the 7-step strategies outlined in the "Unhooked!7 Steps To Emotional Freedom" program. You can learn more about this program on the About Karis page.

Along with the sessions, the group members will also have the option of joining a participant-only forum throughout the ten weeks. This gives the woman an opportunity to build relationships with each other, and may even end up being the beginning of lifelong friendships.

The support group members also receive all the handouts and any special reports or information that may be available throughout the ten weeks.

I strongly believe in supporting those agencies who help women. 10% of all fees for these support groups will be donated to non-profits and ministries of Karis Counselling Services choice.


We do not offer in-office face-to-face services.

Recording Your Session

This service is not available.

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