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Choose To Forgive

Choosing to forgive is one of the foundational steps a person must take in order to see a turn-around in their life.
Yet, there are many reasons you might hold on to unforgiveness.
Read the list of suggestions I have and ask God if any of these apply to you.
Allow the Holy Spirit [...]

Join me for the “Why Can’t We Just Get Along?” Telephone Workshop

A while back I offered a  FREE 3- part video teaching
entitled, “Why Can’t We Just Get Along? Change Your
Relating Style, Change Your Life”.  In this teaching I
shared on 3 KEY PRINCIPLES for healthy boundary
The first video talked about KNOW OTHERS:
I shared how to understand the four common relating
styles and how knowing this could help you [...]


It seems some decisions in life  carry a sense of regret.  For many women, abortion is one of those decisions.  Any woman I have spoken to who felt they made the wrong decision to terminate their pregnancy stress that they are still regretful,  regardless of how long ago they had the abortion.    So how do they come to grips with [...]