Choose To Forgive

forgive Choosing to forgive is one of the foundational steps a person must take in order to see a turn-around in their life.

Yet, there are many reasons you might hold on to unforgiveness.

Read the list of suggestions I have and ask God if any of these apply to you.

Allow the Holy Spirit to help you walk through these reasons so you can get free today!!!

1. You still feel emotional pain

2. There seems to be no justice in forgiveness

3. You’re waiting for someone to be sorry

4. The offense doesn’t make sense

5. You feel like it is too hard

6. You think forgiving always must equal forgetting

7. You think forgiveness always equals reconciliation

8. Letting go seems scary

9.  You might have to give up being right

10. The person will only do it again

11. I’ve tried and it didn’t work

12. I do not feel like forgiving

Unfortunately, none of these reasons justifies the unwillingness to forgive. If you struggle with any of these reasons for not forgiving then I encourage you to ask God to help you let go. The freedom you will gain is undeniable!

I say, “Remember the cross. If Jesus can, by choice die on the cross for your forgiveness, then you can by choice, die to your belief that you can’t forgive”.

UnHooked! 7 Steps To Emotional FreedomIf you are living a heart of unforgiveness due to the impact of a past traumatic experience, then feel free to check out my book. “UnHooked! 7 Steps To Emotional Freedom“.  I especially wrote the book for women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse,  suffer from after abortion distress, or who have come out of some sort of relational abuse.

Your Voice: Do you resonate with any of these reasons?  Which one seems to have the tightest hold on your heart? Have you found ways to overcome unforgiveness? Please feel free to share your struggle or your victories in this area.  Your story may help someone along in their journey!

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