Join me for the “Why Can’t We Just Get Along?” Telephone Workshop

A while back I offered a  FREE 3- part video teaching
entitled, “Why Can’t We Just Get Along? Change Your
Relating Style, Change Your Life”
.  In this teaching I
shared on 3 KEY PRINCIPLES for healthy boundary

The first video talked about KNOW OTHERS:
I shared how to understand the four common relating
styles and how knowing this could help you not to personalize someone else’s stuff.

The second video talked about KNOW YOURSELF:
Here I asked you to reflect on yourself, and determine
what you need and want in your relationships.

The third video talked about KNOW HOW TO SAY WHAT YOU NEED:
I taught how learning to speak assertively can better the chance that you will heard
and understood by others.

You can learn how to fully implement these 3 KEY PRINCIPLES in the
upcoming one-day virtual telephone workshop. I will be going into more detail
on how you can apply these principles to any relationship. Once these 3 KEY PRINCIPLES are established you have greater input into how your relationships
will impact you.

If you find yourself relating the following way OR there are others treating you the following way, then this workshop is for you:

- Takes disappointments out on others (especially close loved ones)
- Wants everything perfect
- Feels “used” in relationships
- Feels invalidated by others
- Feel others “set you up” to fail
- Use intimidation or anger to gain control of the situation (especially close loved ones)
- Struggles with self-worth
- Lives in fear
- Does not have a clear picture of what is wanted in life
-  Are “walked over”, intimidated, or manipulated

Join me for this interactive and practical workshop that will help you:

Know Others
Know Yourself
Know How To Ask For What You Need

The cost is only $50

This includes:
- Downloadable worksheets
- Access to a private FB group for all participants
- Access to me throughout the day

DATE:  Saturday, April 26, 2014
TIME: 9 am (pacific) to 4:30 pm (pacific).
LOCATION:  Any where you can access a telephone and/or computer (for downloads and FB group)
[ this link will explain how the virtual workshop works if you have never participated in one before].

To learn more about the details and register please go here


I am looking forward to talking with you Saturday, April 26, 2014!

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