There are numerous quotes encouraging us to put the past behind and live in the present. This is a positive thing to strive for.

Yet, what if you just do not know how to do this?

You know (or have a nagging thought) that a past trauma in your life is impacting you in your present life yet you cannot seem to figure out how to get “unhooked” from it.



1. You are struggling with depression off and on throughout your life

2. You find it difficult to trust…especially men (this might include your husband)

3. You live in anxiety and fear… of making mistakes, of the future, of the present, of being abandoned

4. You struggle to have a fulfilling sex life with your husband

5. You second guess yourself, under-estimate yourself, and sometimes even feel like you hate yourself

6. Anger feelings often “rise up” in regards to how you feel about your life situations. This can be in your marriage, in your parenting, in your work, in your friendships, or in your church.


If you resonated with any (or all) of these points then I am here to encourage you.

There is HOPE to find freedom from the impact of what has happened to you! Join me on a journey of healing and freedom in the UnHooked! 7 Steps To Emotional Freedom online coaching support group.

Let  me tell you a bit about my own story…

I was feeling worn out, very disappointed in myself, and embarrassed. I mean, here I was, a fairly well-rounded woman, yet being held hostage by the affects of my past experiences. I look back now and wonder how I ever made it. God must have had His hand of grace on me for He put people and positive circumstances in my life, which has been a catalyst that has brought me to where I am today.

The biggest changes came when I started acknowledging that my past experiences had indeed, impacted my life. Before I began to do this, I tended to deal with my pain in three ways… ignore it (by pacifying it with “things that made me feel good”), explode into fits of anger and blaming, or slip into a depression.

It’s not even that I was some “off-the-wall” woman (although I often told myself I was). I mean, I was a mother, a wife, a student, an employee, and yes, a Christian (since 1982). I could run the affairs of my life fairly well, until “boom”, I’d get stuck in my tracks by overwhelming depression, self-hate, anger and despair. I’d somehow manage to “pull myself together” for a while, and then “wammo”; it would reappear in my life. There were times in my life when I even felt suicidal.

Yet, acknowledgement opened the door for me to re-evaluate my reactions and feelings about my life. As it turned out, I eventually found myself attending a seminary, and majoring in Marriage and Family Counselling. It was through my own counselling journey that I experienced freedom! This is one major reason I am certain counselling works… I have been there too! The therapist met up with the therapy!

Since then, I have committed myself to helping women gain freedom from their past pain. I have counselled numerous women who were just like I used to be. I soon recognized that I tended to counsel specific strategies over and over again, and women were being freed! Their story of struggle did not have to be the exact same as mine, yet I discovered that the steps towards healing were almost always the same.

Because of this, I decided it would be beneficial for women to have these strategies laid out for them in a step-by-step formulation so they could work on their issues and struggles. That is why I have written the Unhooked!7 Steps To Emotional Freedom book and developed the online coaching group.  My one-on-one counselling services, support groups, and teachings all support these foundational strategies.


What Exactly Is The UnHooked! 7 Steps To Emotional Freedom Online Coaching Support Group?

Through this group (and the work you have done in the UnHooked! book) you will gain freedom from the impact of your past painful experience. This begins with you understanding what your losses are, what beliefs you hold, how you grieve, and the power of forgiveness.

Here is what the coaching support group covers:

Step 1: Acknowledge past experience: Too often a woman, unknowingly, lives in denial of the full impact of her story. Stepping out of denial begins the healing process.

Step 2: Recognize and feel feelings: Acknowledging emotions (whether you feel they are good or bad) will help you to begin clarifying your thoughts and feelings. Feeling them, will often teach you not to be fearful of emotions in general.

Step 3: Name the loss: A major step toward healing is to determine what was “taken away” because of your experience. You may already know the primary loss, yet there are numerous secondary losses that have not been acknowledged. You will be able to define these and learn to unhook them from your life.

Step 4: Understanding the grief cycle: You will learn the common components of grief, which may help normalize some of that emotional roller coaster you feel you are on.

Step 5: Challenge your beliefs: You bring the beliefs you held as a child into your present thinking and believing. Some are faulty. You will learn how to recognize and challenge the lies, and embrace the truth.

Step 6: Forgiveness: There are many reasons why it is hard to forgive and to take steps to choose forgiveness. You will be able to discover what may be holding you back and then be able to take the steps towards forgiving.

Step 7: Let go and live in today: You will be implementing strategies to keep you on track and stay living in the moment, so the past can no longer pull you back.

The primary goal of these 7 steps is to allow you be UNHOOKED from your past.

Go to the UnHooked! Support Group Information page to learn more about what this group consists of.  A group begins in January. Register early to receive a discount on the cost.



The Unhooked! 7 Steps to Emotional Freedom coaching support group was an amazing journey.  Karen has a great sense of humour, is able to see the lies I believed, and helped me rethink the way I believe.  I’ve discovered things about myself, been taught what to do about them, and now feel that I am getting unhooked and growing in the LORD.

Karen has a passion to help women get unhooked from their past and is gifted in both writing and speaking.  Her book is easy to read and well laid out.  During the sessions, Karen’s gift of discernment helps tremendously as she listens to our stories and reads our posts.  She is able to spot the enemy’s lies a mile away.  Now I feel I am actually learning that too.

Early on in the book Karen asks if we ruminate.  I figured I pretty much had a handle on that.  However as the weeks progressed, ruminating proved to one of my hooks.  It is wonderful to know that I don’t have to live with that so called character trait for the rest of my life.

The concept of a Loss Pie is amazing. You will want to take the coaching group just to experience that.  I have worked through a couple of them and will take that skill with me now.  I’m excited to see what God will do through those experiences.

Karen’s teaching on forgiveness just blew me away.  It’s worth the admission and then some.  I had never heard that there were 2 kinds of hate and I definitely didn’t know how much passive hate I have lived with over the years.  I listened to her teaching and the next day the Holy Spirit started revealing more and more people that I hate.  This is a breakthrough for me.  I will never be the same. Praise the LORD!!!

Thank you Karen for your teaching, your love, and your care over these last numbers of weeks.


Go to the UnHooked! Support Group Information page to learn more about what this group consists of.  A group begins in January. Register early to receive a discount on the cost.

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